Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love & Beauty

Love & Beauty from Forever 21. I bought this Last November out of a whim, I really like the packaging. Shiny! The colors look pretty but just too sparkly and sheer for me. Gave them to my sister but for the price no regrets.

Would I but this again? No

Coming Soon

Purchase from arrived last week. Got some O'slee Products which I am still testing. Inside the box are 2 travel set, BB Makeup Cleansing Foam, and some samples. 

Since I promised the boyfriend no more buying makeup, I'm filling the void by buying skincare products. :D LOOPHOLE!

back to the topic, this is my first purchase from, they dont offer a lot of products as but they do offer free shipping with any purchase and they have products which does not have. 

Experience with
My package dispatched from Hongkong on the 3rd of january, and arrived 9 days later. pretty good shipping speed. Everything arrived individually bubble wrapped. I'm really happy ordering with them. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kabuki Brushes

Today I'm going to review kabuki brushes from ecotools and from E.L.F.

Read here haul : VOV, Shills, Beautymate

I'm going to take a break from posting E.L.F products since my new 'addiction' now is buying asian skincare products. :D Me and the boyfriend have this thing going on where I promised I wouldnt buy anymore makeup products. *cross my fingers*

This is my first order from and I got 4 products.

First is

VOV Fresh mini pack in green tea collage. 
There are 7 mini pack 'flavors' available in and I got one in green tea. It's a sachet that contains 10 ml of essence so it could be use a couple times. The instruction/ingredient was in korean so I couldnt understand any of it but on the website it says 1. apply on cleansed face 2. wait for 15-20 minutes 3. rinse of with lukewarm water. Soooo I followed the directions and after 20 minutes... My face was really moisturized and slightly brighter than before. YAY
-> It cost $1.40
-> plenty of essence for multiple application
-> Result can be seen immediately
-> No strong scent
-> I didnt experience any irritations
-> can only be bought online (for those in the US like me)
-> some reviews say that they experience small red bumps after using this
I guess it depends on each individuals skin type, and it's always best to test a small patch of skin before using new products on your entire face.
Would I buy this product again? Yes

Second Product I got

Shills Avocado eye cream.
this was $9.30 relatively cheap compared to some other eye creams I have used. I'm really wary with eye creams since I've only had bad experiences with them. I have tried L'oreal and Bliss all around eye cream and it was baaad. L'oreal always made my eyes feel heavy? I feel that it was too thick for me, it never gave me any result, and if I use it at night I would always wake up with some sticky residue. blah!  Bliss all around eye cream at first looked promising but then after 3 days I noticed that the skin around my eyes have this little bumps, and the tingling sensation when applied started burning. I guess I have really sensitive skin?
I have been using Shills avocado eye cream everyday since I got it (2 weeks now) and I havent had any bad experience with it yet.
-> eye area became moisturized
-> makeup application stayed and did not crease
-> eye area looked brighter
-> I think this is always a con for me but yes, it can only be bought online.
-> I didnt see much improvement with my dark circles. (this is different from looking brighter)
Would I buy this again? I really like this eyecream because it is so far the only eye cream that I am compatible with. so Yes.

Last is the Beauty Mate Nano Eye mask, I dont know what happened to the picture I took but its gone, so I'm just going to get the picture from the website.

Beauty Mate Nano Eye Mask Bright Up.
This is usually out of stock on the website, One box contains 7 pairs and cost $6.50, this is myy favorite among all the products I bought. I have used this product 3x now and have always love the result. You leave it on for 15-20 minutes and after removing you can see the result right away. My eyes looked so much brighter, dark undereye were lighter, and the skin texture improve a lot. I'm not going to do the pros and cons to this because we all know what the cons would be. I hate paying for shipping and not seeing the products personally.
All these products can be bought at, shipping is 6$, unless you buy $75 worth of products then shipping is free.

People have a love/hate relationship with sasa, some say they receive their products 2 months later, or that some products were not carefully wrapped. while some have no problem with their shipping speed at all. For me I have no complains with their shipping speed. I placed my order on Dec 08 2010, received a dispatch notification on the 22nd checked with the tracking and was dispatched from Hong Kong on the 25th. (which I understand because it is the holidays) and Received my products on January 3 2011. total of 9 days all the way from Hong kong to Florida. I have recently placed another order from sasa 2 days ago and received a dispatch notification today so for me shipping is fast. hmm? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

E.L.F Stipple Brush Review

The E.L.F. Stipple brush, this sells for $3 on the website, cheap right? maybe thats why everytime I visit their website this is always sold out.

"This new antibacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more ansorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. Studio brush! The layered bristles create a soft airbrushed look that's perfect for applying foundation or adding color definition to cheekbones or highlighting with soft layers. Use this brush with any liquid or powder face product such as foundation, blush or bronzer to build your coverage from sheer to heavy." -from the website

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Monday, January 17, 2011

E.L.F. Lip Stain

E.L.F. Lip stain in First Date

photo taken from

I got this with my first purchase from, I REALLY like the color I saw on the website but when I opened the package. ugh.. the color was completely different from what was on the website. First date looked more like hot pink than the peachy pink shown on the picture above. or is it just me?

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

E.L.F Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

picture taken from their website

E.L.F. Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
I got this in black for $1 at their website:
First thought when I opened the product was it looked like a marker pen and it looked really dried up. 

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Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Wandering around Walmart the other day I stopped by the beauty section and saw Revlon's new foundation called PhotoReady. Of course I had to get it. 

006 Medium Beige.

What I like:
-> Easy to blend
-> Packaging
-> has a glowy/dewy finish
-> contains SPF20

What I did not like:
-> Finding the right shade can be difficult
-> It sort of "cracks" into my dry skin. It looks really flaky.
-> Applying too much makes the glitter visible
-> Difficult to wash off (those darn glitter!)

Final thoughts?
Coverage and finish is pretty good, but it just looks really bad with my dry skin and the glitter!! Not only is it obvious, it is hard to remove.

Coastal Scents 88 Palette

Description: 88 shadow palette of mixed matte and shimmer colors. Each pot is about the size of a dime and contains enough powder for multiple use.
First glance the colors are absolutely gorgeous and highly pigmented. and guess what? They ARE pigmented. I use this with an eyeshadow primer which makes the color pop even more.

-> 88 different colors to experiment with.
-> Blends on smooth
-> Each color cost less than 50 cents. Actually about 20 cents each!
-> Matte and Shimmer 
-> Only available online
-> Spongetip applicators ( eeh.. I prefer my brushes )

Bought this from for 20$
Would I buy this again? I rarely use eyeshadows but yes, I want the neutral palette!

Excuse the watermark, I originally posted this picture at a different website.