Thursday, February 17, 2011

The past few days kinda made me feel drained out. stressed out, eating junk food/once a day, and no sleep = bad breakouts, guh! This Valentines was just too stressfull for me.

The cute little doggy is my Mochiko. He makes me smile everytime I go home, He didnt see me for a whole day and when I got home, he gave me a hug! 

well then.... off to take a nap.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Update

well this update is mainly for Soo, Helloooo Soo! lol I still have no friends here so you're basically the only one who's going to read this. I still havent had time to play around blogger so I'm a lil clueless, but I did place disqus. that should work right? I'll try to post new stuff after Valentines, non stop work till the 15th for me. > <

2nd Blogaversary Extravaganza Giveaway

2nd Blogaversary Extravaganza Giveaway By Audredao

Must check her site out! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

O'slee Skincare Set

A month ago my package arrived, got some travel set skincare and the bb makeup cleansing from O'slee, also got some samples with my purchase.

O'slee Skincare Travel Set
picture taken online

I really do not know what happened to the pictures I took of this set, they all disappeared from my files. but.. anyhows, O'slee travel set is a limited edition set, It was on sale on the website for $10, and so I bought 2 sets. one for me and one for my sister. It comes with rosehip hydra-white cleansing powder, rosehip beauty solution advanced formula III, (whew~ what a mouthful!), Rosehip Q10 moisturizing lotion, and Rosehip BB cream. I mainly bought this set for the BB cream, 30 ml! same size as most full sized foundations!

Rosehip Hydra-white Cleansing Powder

Step 1: As the name states, this is in powder form, and you dont need a lot to fully cleanse your face. It cleanses your face well, does not dry my skin out, face looks brighter after cleansing, and the scent, the scent! I dont know what Rosehip is supposed to smell like but there is a faint scent. hmm.... 
Would I buy this again?: I am willing to buy this again.

O'slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III

Step 2: This one is a toner, I dont see anything special going on with this toner, I usually skip this step since I basically get the same result with or without using this. again the scent.. what is that scent?
Would I buy this again? No

Rosehip Q10 Moisturizing Lotion

Step 3: First of all this lotion is liquidy! I cant store it upright because once I open the product it just spills out. > < so GOOD thing about this is it does moisturize, it dries out quickly and leaves your skin smooth. BAD thing is it smells like PAINT! that is the scent I keep getting from this product. BLEH! I tried working with the scent, a little is fine but when it's time to put on the lotion, it's baaad. I seriously have to hold my breath when applying this, I try to work with it because it does work well for me. but idk I'd probably continue using this since I hate wasting good products.
Would I buy this again? No, I really cant get over the scent.

Last is the BB cream, like I said earlier this comes in a 30 ml tube, same amount of product as both my Revlon and Rimmel foundations. Coverage is light to maybe semi-medium. Does not have the same scent as the skincare mentioned above. thank you! color is the exact tone as my skin, it is a little liquidy, which may or may not be a good thing. I apply this using my fingertips and it is easy to apply. even though the coverage is light it does even my skintone out. It sinks and blends perfect with my skin. no need for a face primer. I really like this product, it is light and feels like I have nothing on, perfect for everyday use.
Would I buy this again? Yes 

so thats the review for today, havent been on the computer this long lately and now my eyes are twitching a bit. I'll continue the review of the other products next time. :D

Random blab: I had an allergic reaction earlier, my left eye got really swollen and I have no idea what it was. 0 0 it went back to normal after 4 hours but geez it looked really weird and scary. I still dont know what it was. cant be my makeup since I havent used anything new, and it was just my left eye. I must really stop rubbing my eyes. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Topic Baked Shadow

I was cleaning out my vanity yesterday and found some products that I have forgotten about. I bought these shadows in Hot Topic a couple months ago, I got the charcoal and the white one. I bought these because I think the packaging is pretty. simple, black, and a skull! :P