Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation

I always have a hard time finding the right shade with drugstore makeup and I believe they are all too pink for me but hard headed as I am, I still HAVE to try them. First thing that I noticed about this foundation is that it smells like cucumbers, light scent and abit refreshing. The texture is runny which makes it easy to apply all over, and it blends oh so easy. I fell in love with the product right away that I had to buy a shade that matches my skintone better. hoorah hoorah 320-Aspen, still a bit pink but not too obvious.

Covergirl Natureluxe in Shade 320-Aspen

-> Wide range of shades
-> Contains SPF
-> Feels really light, almost not having foundation on
-> Squeeze tube
-> Blends easy
-> Affordable
-> Moisturizing

-> Light Coverage
-> Very Dewy looking

Natureluxe for me is a bit similar to BB creams I have used, It feels really light and almost as if you are not wearing foundation. The coverage of natureluxe is light and can be buildable to medium coverage. It covers some of my redness but not the scars from pimples. One thing that is noticeable about this foundation is that it makes your skin look really dewy. I like dewy but even for me I think that it is too dewy. So you HAVE to use a powder afterwards. 
Overall, it is a nice foundation. Looks natural, blends easy, perfect even with my dry skin. 

Disclosure: As a bzzagent, I had the chance to receive a sample of covergirl's new natureluxe foundation. I received a full size sample of natureluxe in the shade 350-OAK. 320-Aspen as purchased by me.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

VOV Mask

very hot weather we are having today in Florida, and of course I'm spending the day at home with my snoring dog. Mochiko! we both hate the hot sun, and prefer the cold winter. XD


I've been wanting to order some stuff from for the past 2 weeks but one of the things I want is still out of stock. > <

but anyhoooows... from my past purchase from, I got the daily fresh wash off pack cereal. 

this is the second pack I have tried from VOV, the first is the green tea pack which I have reviewed before here. This is described as a replenishing mask which leaves your skin with a healthy and vivid glow. The essence is creamy, and contains tiny 'cereals'?. I've used this mask 3 times, and everytime after, my skin feels smoother and supple. Definitely looks healthier but just like all mask, the effect does not last all day. It has a faint minty smell, and some tingly sensation. Really refreshing for me. The only thing I dont like about this mask is the minty weird feeling. I really cant describe it, but it bothers me whenever I get the product near my mouth. bleh~

overall this is a nice pack for when I want something refreshing for my face. I just have to avoid getting it near my mouth area.

hopefully sasa stocks up on the charcoal one too, since I cant find it anywhere but gmarket :[

UPDATE: 2nd pack update- 2x already after using this I developed red bumps on my skin, weird how i'm just experiencing allergies when I didnt have any problems with the 1st pack.

Would I buy this again? No

buy it here

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Products

Earth day is tomorrow so I thought about sharing some eco friendly beauty products for inspirations.

Everydayminerals is the first mineral makeup brand that I have used, they have a huge selection of products and their latest addition are skincare products!

Above is the Rose Dream Factory and the Earth Bunny Garden Intense Moisturizer

I have not yet tried their skincare products out, ( soon hopefully! ) but I have liked everything that I have ordered so far. It's also nice that they offer 'try me' sets for free, and all you have to do is pay for shipping which is about $3.23 for me.

Eco tools is a brand most are familiar with, their makeup brushes are made out of bamboo and recycled aluminum. and they are incredibly soft and cheap! 

I have 2 of their brush sets, the 6 pc. brush set (above) and the 5 pc. mineral brush set. I have been using these brushes for more than a year now and they are still soft, no shedding at all too. They can be found at Target, Ulta and Walgreens. The price also depends on where you buy it.

Yes to brand, so... I call it yes to, there is a yes to carrot, yes to tomato, yes to blueberry, and yes to cucumber. Basically yes to fruits/vegetables! :D These are organic products for the skin and hair.

I have seen them around Target, Ross, and walgreens. I use the Yes to tomato shampoo (above), the smell is uh... refreshing? light, its a good scent! makes my hair soft. The only bad thing about it is the expiration date, so make sure to check the expiration date before buying it. (although I think it could still work?)

so those are the products I have had experience with but there are more eco friendly products out there such as Burts Bee, Sonia Kashuk's new brush sets, and Bare minerals. A lot of big companies are also making more earth friendly products, so check them out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

O'slee Rosehip BB Cream

This is noooot a good day for me, Earlier this afternoon I went to visit my sister who was volunteering at a highschool near us, It wasnt even 5 minutes yet when I tripped and fell on my knees in the track field (I'm just way too clumsy -  -) now I have huge cuts on both my knees, I cant wear anything that will show my terrible knees, it hurts like hell when I wear jeans, and I have a bday party to go to tomorrow. I.. actually have more bad experiences today but I'll probably keep those clumsy moments to myself. hohoho review time!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Comparison: cream eyeliner ( Wet N Wild vs. E.L.F. )

Wet N Wild mega eyes creme eyeliner in black

On their website the description is "The precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a cream application, this velvet-rich eyeliner provides long-lasting definition in a waterproof formula. Easy-to-use brush included" There are 2 colors available online: Black and Eggplant, but so far I've only seen black in the stores nearby. 

E.L.F. studio cream eyeliner in coffee

On their website the description is "Creates smooth lines that are defined and precise. Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant coverage for all day wear to combat against, sweat, tears and rain! Slanted Eyeliner Brush included!" there are 8 colors available online: metallic olive, copper, gunmetal, purple, coffee, black, midnight, and ivory. 

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It took me a while to find the Wet N Wild eyeliner since buying online was not a choice, there's no CVS near my place, and the Walmart I go to is always out of stock. Luckily during one of my 2 am visits to Walmart they just restocked this product. (It was a worthwhile ice cream trip! :D) If im not mistaken I bought this for around $5. It didnt advertise waterproof or smudgeproof but ehh I just had the urge to try this thing out. The brush that came with it was a little too 'cheap' for my liking, it was big and scratchy. So I just use my regular eyeliner brush to apply this product, a few strokes and voila. I really didnt expect it to stay put all day, so I was a little suprised when I got home and it looked exactly the same as when I applied it. no smudging, no fading. Best part about the suprise is that it is waterproof! The only way I get it completely removed is by using my neutrogena makeup remover, and a bunch of swabs. I love this product, and wish they make more colors.

Next is the E.L.F. studio cream eyeliner, The time I bought this online, black was out of stock so I got coffee and purple instead. I gave the purple to my sister so I didnt get a chance to swatch it, but I did swatch coffee below. 
Compared to the wet n wild eyeliner, this cost $3 and since I used a 50% off studio line the time I ordered I got this for only $1.50. how cheap is that? Unlike wet n wild this does advertise smudge proof and water resistant, but does it really?

wet n wild(black)/E.L.F.(brown) swatched.//// sprayed with water //// rubbed and dried off.

From the photo above, you can see that both products are water-proof and smudge proof. They were both applied using the brushes that came with it.

Comparison Wet N Wild-E.L.F.
> Color: 1 or 2 lines using wet n wild is enough since the color is bold while
it takes more strokes for E.L.F. to evenly apply, and for the color to be bold.

> Consistency: Wet n Wild is thicker thus bolder lines, while E.L.F. is a tad too creamy which makes it hard to evenly apply right away.

> Time: Wet n Wild dries up fast so it is hard to make a mistake with lining while the E.L.F. liner takes time to dry.

> Packaging: both came in a plastic container, and I like them both.

Both cream liners are good, and if I were to choose of course I'd get the wet n wild. But color wise, E.L.F has more colors and it is easier to buy. (online/target) 

A recent discovery about the staying power of the Wet n Wild liner is that even after I took a shower and scrubbeeeeeeeed my arm, the line is still on my arm. Seriously, makeup remover is the only thing that completely wipes it off.