Sunday, April 24, 2011

VOV Mask

very hot weather we are having today in Florida, and of course I'm spending the day at home with my snoring dog. Mochiko! we both hate the hot sun, and prefer the cold winter. XD


I've been wanting to order some stuff from for the past 2 weeks but one of the things I want is still out of stock. > <

but anyhoooows... from my past purchase from, I got the daily fresh wash off pack cereal. 

this is the second pack I have tried from VOV, the first is the green tea pack which I have reviewed before here. This is described as a replenishing mask which leaves your skin with a healthy and vivid glow. The essence is creamy, and contains tiny 'cereals'?. I've used this mask 3 times, and everytime after, my skin feels smoother and supple. Definitely looks healthier but just like all mask, the effect does not last all day. It has a faint minty smell, and some tingly sensation. Really refreshing for me. The only thing I dont like about this mask is the minty weird feeling. I really cant describe it, but it bothers me whenever I get the product near my mouth. bleh~

overall this is a nice pack for when I want something refreshing for my face. I just have to avoid getting it near my mouth area.

hopefully sasa stocks up on the charcoal one too, since I cant find it anywhere but gmarket :[

UPDATE: 2nd pack update- 2x already after using this I developed red bumps on my skin, weird how i'm just experiencing allergies when I didnt have any problems with the 1st pack.

Would I buy this again? No

buy it here

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