Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Hello!

Feeling photoshop happy today, I have been downloading actions to try on my photos... BLUE makes me look good! well I also decided it was time to change my watermark since I post on both tumblr and blogspot. It doesnt look nice on my photo above since the colors are clashing but I think it will look fine on regular photos. 

Everytime I decide to post a new review, I would look through my uploaded photos and 1.) I am missing a photo for the set 2.) the photo quality looks bad and so I have to retake them. 3.) and now I am too lazy to take a new photo since it is already dark. 
.my life.

On a different topic, I have 4 different tumblrs :D
I wonder

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ABC Tagged

I was tagged earlier by Soo from MU-토끼 . I decided to change some (just for fun)

so here goes...

Age: 20
Bed size: Queen
Chore you hate: Cleaning/wiping the windows and glasses around the house. They are everywhere!  =.=
Drink of choice: I love blending fresh fruit with tea.... tea!
Essential item you use everyday? my phone
Favorite color: purple
Gold or Silver: Gold
Height: 4'11"
Indulgence:  A good Ice cream (since my stomach cant tolerate dairy *URGHHH*)
Job title: currently unemployed 
Kids: ....maybe in the future... maybe.
Live: Florida
Mom's name: Rosaline
Nicknames: Peggy, Chi
Overnight hospital stays: none that I can remember
Phobia: heights
Quote from a movie: "You're going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it's always their actions you should judge them by. It's actions, not words, that matter."  -Nicholas SparksRight or left handed: Right
Sweet or Sour? SWEET!
Time you wake up: 11ish (when the bf wakes me up) but around 1 or 2pm if left alone
Underwear: boyshorts with cute patterns
Vegetables you dislike: Celery
Worst habit: Procrastinating
X-rays you’ve had: teeth, chest, back
Yummy food you make: my salmon recipe
Zoo: 2 years ago in Canada

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Random: Mochiko

My dog Mochiko looking all dramatic while staring at the trees? (-.-) sometimes he makes me think that he "special" in the head. 10 min. walks becomes 30 min. since he HAS to always look behind him to see if anybody is following him. He REFUSES to step on puddles and does zigzaggy motions to avoid them. He plays fetch outside but does not grab the ball in his mouth (dirty?) so he pokes it with his nose. Sometimes he does his Jean Grey look, staring at the door/fan intently, looking like he can open it with his mind.
My little weirdo <3 Mochiko

Review: Shiseido White Lucent Lotion

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Refining Softener enriched

Description from Sephora: "Achieve a dewy, radiant, and even-toned look with this high-performance, hydrating essential. M-Tranexamic acid prevents dark spots while the Super Hydro-Synergy Complex (composed of Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE and Bio-Hyaluronic Acid) intensely hydrates to give skin a smooth, healthy appearance. Erythritol, apricot extracts, and Super Hydro-Synergy Complex normalize cell turnover to retexturize skin."

The direction for this is to saturate a cotton pad with the product then gently wiping it over cleansed face, well when I was using it as directed I didnt really feel that it was worth it, It felt like I was using too much product since the cotton pad just soaks everything, it just feels such a waste. Then it as forgotten, until a couple of weeks ago when I cleaned my drawers. I decided to give it a try again but this time I applied it without the cotton pad, I just put a couple of drops on my hands, rub it together, and gently patting my face. I like this method better since #1 3 drops is enough as opposed to soaking the whole cotton pad #2 the patting motion circulates blood flow #3 it felt relaxing #4 feels like it works better (all in my mind). 

So on to the product itself, the consistency is like water but a tad thicker?  After application it feels a little sticky and it takes 2-3 minutes for the product to be fully absorbed and feel moisturized. I have noticed that as I use this more often, my skin has looked better, that I can even skip moisturizer after and still feel my skin hydrated. Dewy/Radiant claim I guess it does work since skin really hydrated= dewy/radiant look? 

What I like:
-> Hydrating
-> Did not experience any breakout
-> skin feels healthier
-> makes my skin look bright and radiant throughout the day

What I don't like:
-> pricey for a toner $48(sephora)
-> bottle is made out of glass, heavy heavy!
-> packaging looks pretty but not practical
-> availability

I dont really have noticeable dark spots, and uneven skintone to begin with so I cannot say anything if it works for those problem, but this is so far a favorite of mine during my dry skin days. It helps boost my skin's hydration and I love how moisturized my skin looks after.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

C+M Soothing Cleansing Milk

C+M Soothing Cleansing Milk

This is an old purchase from sasa at a time when I started using foundations. I was looking around the sasa website when I stumbled upon this brand. The description for the C+M brand is that it was "a famous French personal and skincare brand with a wide range of whitening, suncare, antiallergy, moisturizing, deodorant, and acne treatment products." words that made me interested French, famous, anti allergy, and moisturizing. There was over 50 different skincare products listed ranging from cleansers to serums, and the price is very affordable compared to other brands. The Soothing Cleansing Milk did not have those long detailed description I like reading about (contains etc. for bla bla.. sort of details) but a simple "C+M Soothing Cleansing Milk can remove make- up gently and leave skin soft." and a how to use. very simple, straightforward, and it cost less than my drugstore cleansers. 

Direction is really simple, you apply this with a light massage and wipe it away with a cotton pad. no need to wash after.

Click to enlarge photos

It is hard to see, but I had Revlon Photoready Foundation swatched on my hand (L-R) see the glitters from the foundation, *massage* then *wipe*, and voila~ clean moisturized skin. 

Cotton pad used for wiping

Visible from the cotton pad is all the foundation that was removed, and I used this cleanser AFTER I washed/rubbed my hand with soap trying to take the foundation off. So far for me Photoready foundation from Revlon is the hardest to remove foundation that I have. I would wash my face with my cleanser, take a shower, and still have glitter/residue from the foundation. UGH! 

This is a really great product for removing makeup, and another plus is that it leaves my skin really moisturized after. BUT... as much as how great this works I rarely use it because of the scent (very strong sunscreen-ish scent) and how weird it feels when I dont wash it off after. (feels thick and makes me feel uncomfortable)

-> Cheap (Under $4)
-> works great removing tough makeup
-> Moisturizing
-> No water required
-> 2 in 1 (makeup remover and moisturizer)
-> did not cause any breakouts/red spots (my skin is very sensitive, reactions happen overnight sometimes)
-> was not harsh
-> almost like applying cream

-> scented
-> very moisturizing (which is too much)
-> feels thick/obvious
-> can only be bought online

I only use this when I have the photoready on, (which is rarely now) but I always wash my face with a cleanser after since I cant stand the lingering scent. I guess it depends on the person if they are fine with the scent, and the feeling of it.

 Overall this is a really great product for those not overly ocd like me.

Monday, August 8, 2011

eyeslipsface haul

A couple of weeks ago I decided to order from again, this time though most products are going to my cousin in the Philippines. Sending a big box full of things again, mostly home and beauty products. I was excited receiving this package but then Fedex lost my original package, (wasted a lot of time talking to their customer service/trace department) luckily ELF has great customer service and was able to send out a new one a couple hours after I called them. The second one arrived days later than the expedited 3 day shipping (I blame fedex again) and was missing a couple of items. (out of stock :[ ) Here my luck is at its worst again since all the out of stock items were for me, and were the ones I was looking forward to. haaaaa~ 

anyways... expect more E.L.F. product reviews (as soon as I stop being lazy)