Tuesday, August 9, 2011

C+M Soothing Cleansing Milk

C+M Soothing Cleansing Milk

This is an old purchase from sasa at a time when I started using foundations. I was looking around the sasa website when I stumbled upon this brand. The description for the C+M brand is that it was "a famous French personal and skincare brand with a wide range of whitening, suncare, antiallergy, moisturizing, deodorant, and acne treatment products." words that made me interested French, famous, anti allergy, and moisturizing. There was over 50 different skincare products listed ranging from cleansers to serums, and the price is very affordable compared to other brands. The Soothing Cleansing Milk did not have those long detailed description I like reading about (contains etc. for bla bla.. sort of details) but a simple "C+M Soothing Cleansing Milk can remove make- up gently and leave skin soft." and a how to use. very simple, straightforward, and it cost less than my drugstore cleansers. 

Direction is really simple, you apply this with a light massage and wipe it away with a cotton pad. no need to wash after.

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It is hard to see, but I had Revlon Photoready Foundation swatched on my hand (L-R) see the glitters from the foundation, *massage* then *wipe*, and voila~ clean moisturized skin. 

Cotton pad used for wiping

Visible from the cotton pad is all the foundation that was removed, and I used this cleanser AFTER I washed/rubbed my hand with soap trying to take the foundation off. So far for me Photoready foundation from Revlon is the hardest to remove foundation that I have. I would wash my face with my cleanser, take a shower, and still have glitter/residue from the foundation. UGH! 

This is a really great product for removing makeup, and another plus is that it leaves my skin really moisturized after. BUT... as much as how great this works I rarely use it because of the scent (very strong sunscreen-ish scent) and how weird it feels when I dont wash it off after. (feels thick and makes me feel uncomfortable)

-> Cheap (Under $4)
-> works great removing tough makeup
-> Moisturizing
-> No water required
-> 2 in 1 (makeup remover and moisturizer)
-> did not cause any breakouts/red spots (my skin is very sensitive, reactions happen overnight sometimes)
-> was not harsh
-> almost like applying cream

-> scented
-> very moisturizing (which is too much)
-> feels thick/obvious
-> can only be bought online

I only use this when I have the photoready on, (which is rarely now) but I always wash my face with a cleanser after since I cant stand the lingering scent. I guess it depends on the person if they are fine with the scent, and the feeling of it.

 Overall this is a really great product for those not overly ocd like me.


Paige said...

I tried using olive oil before with removing stubborn eye makeup. it works just fine, it does feel oily after though. oh wow $15! weird how HK is near the Phil. 0. 0 well you guys have watsons! 

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xo

p.s. I'm having a sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out!

ChiChi81 said...

Yeah, unbelievable... and yep, we have watsons so it's no problem, I mean, they have some pretty good beauty products as well.

ChiChi81 said...

Removing stubborn make-up can be quite a pain but so are make-up removers >.<" The one I use is a local brand, and ugh I have to wash my face twice cuz the product is quite heavy. Too bad this can only be bought online, I checked the sasa website but the shipping cost to the Phils. totally blows ;\ Thanks for sharing this tho ;)