Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Random: Mochiko

My dog Mochiko looking all dramatic while staring at the trees? (-.-) sometimes he makes me think that he "special" in the head. 10 min. walks becomes 30 min. since he HAS to always look behind him to see if anybody is following him. He REFUSES to step on puddles and does zigzaggy motions to avoid them. He plays fetch outside but does not grab the ball in his mouth (dirty?) so he pokes it with his nose. Sometimes he does his Jean Grey look, staring at the door/fan intently, looking like he can open it with his mind.
My little weirdo <3 Mochiko


Paige said...


MEOW said...

ur chow chow is super cute! :) i love how all dogs have such unique personalities :)

ChiChi81 said...

Awww... your doggy's just so adorable! And yep, all pets have their own unique little quirks, same with my cat but haha.. that's what makes them so endearing.


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Paige said...

thanks! haha my dog acts more catlike than doglike sometimes.

thanks for always commenting here :D

Vale said...

Your dog is so cute =) I would like us to follow each other, let me know ! I am also on Poupeegirl, I asked you to be friends there =) Kisses

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Soo said...

Mochiko sounds adorable :)