Saturday, April 16, 2011

O'slee Rosehip BB Cream

This is noooot a good day for me, Earlier this afternoon I went to visit my sister who was volunteering at a highschool near us, It wasnt even 5 minutes yet when I tripped and fell on my knees in the track field (I'm just way too clumsy -  -) now I have huge cuts on both my knees, I cant wear anything that will show my terrible knees, it hurts like hell when I wear jeans, and I have a bday party to go to tomorrow. I.. actually have more bad experiences today but I'll probably keep those clumsy moments to myself. hohoho review time!

O'slee Rosehip BB cream is one of the item I received with my O'slee travel set from my previous review. I bought the set mainly for this product, It contains 30ml which is the same as my full size foundations, and the whole set cost me $10!. I have made a review of this before here, I thought I liked it but after a while it just stopped working out for me. 

It's not visible on the picture above but when applied it just 'sits' on top of my skin, it accentuates everything, it just looks really cakey. It used to work so good for me but now blah! I dont know what happened.

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