Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Update

well this update is mainly for Soo, Helloooo Soo! lol I still have no friends here so you're basically the only one who's going to read this. I still havent had time to play around blogger so I'm a lil clueless, but I did place disqus. that should work right? I'll try to post new stuff after Valentines, non stop work till the 15th for me. > <


Soo said...

holy crap! I had a hard time just working 12 hours straight on New Year's, I dunno how you managed then! I've been bad about updating myself. I'm gonna work on it this week though. come back soon!

Soo said...

haha, I feel special! <3
I hope work was okay, I'm a bit late reading your update. also, this is kind of random, but I just saw Audrey Dao's tip of the week and it linked back to you. I thought your name was Paige..? is it Hillary? have I been calling you by the wrong name?!

Paige said...

work was really tiring, day before valentines I worked 21 hours straight. - - so I have been hibernating the past 2 days. Oh! lol Paige Hillary, I usually use Hillary for online stuff. :D