Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Topic Baked Shadow

I was cleaning out my vanity yesterday and found some products that I have forgotten about. I bought these shadows in Hot Topic a couple months ago, I got the charcoal and the white one. I bought these because I think the packaging is pretty. simple, black, and a skull! :P

Here they are up close. 

and here is a swatch. The Charcoal swatches almost metallic like, which I love! and the white, well you see those tiny specks of sparkle? yup, thats it. It took me a couple of application for the colors to show, I really tried with the white but nothing, just sparkle. I also tried applying the white with a wet brush but still nothing. blah! As for the charcoal, although it takes a couple of application for a bold color, I can work with it since I really like the metallic look it gives.

-> can be bought at any hot topic store or online.
-> $2.99 each and Hot Topic usually have those sales.
-> comes in a sleek design.

-> Not pigmented enough
-> you would need to either apply this wet or applied plenty of times.

Would I buy this again? there are a couple colors I want to try out, but not really in my 'need to buy' list.


Soo said...

2.99$ is pretty cheap for an eyeshadow! I probably wouldn't get the white one, but the metallic silver looks nice. have you tried them on the face yet? how do they hold up?

Bubbly Mochi said...

Hey Soo! sorry for the late reply. so i've used it 3x now, used it with a wet brush, held out for a couple of hours, a little color fading after uuh 3-4 hours? I havent tried it w/ a primer on yet though, so it'd probably stay on longer w/ a primer. but uuh,, I like it so far. Let me know if you decide to get one :D I want to get the purple next time.

Soo said...

Paige~ is there a way for me to subscribe to comments so I remember to check up on your replies to mine?