Monday, January 17, 2011

E.L.F. Lip Stain

E.L.F. Lip stain in First Date

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I got this with my first purchase from, I REALLY like the color I saw on the website but when I opened the package. ugh.. the color was completely different from what was on the website. First date looked more like hot pink than the peachy pink shown on the picture above. or is it just me?

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Color: when I first applied it, It was really blaa, I'm not really used to wearing dark lips so I hated the look. The only good thing was that it lasted even after dinner. (Even after blotting it with tissue)
Gloss: there wasnt anything special about the gloss, just regulary clear gloss.
okay, I dont believe in wasting products so I gave this another try. What I did was I lightly dabbed it on the middle of my lips, then smudged it all over my lips and HORAAH! I got my desired color.

I simply adjust the shade of the color whenever I feel like it by dabbing less or more color on my lips. :D I got a bunch of different shades of pink with just one product. tadaa right? (Color is darker in real life)
-> Cost is affordable at $3
-> There are 8 different colors
-> Color is matte
-> Last long
-> Can be bought in Target or eyeslipsface website. (pro or con?)

-> It dries your lips
-> Colors from the website are not exact
-> There was a slight citrusy-ish? smell and taste.
-> If you put too much product It gets really clumpy on your lips. blah

The trick with this lipstain (for those with brightcolorphobia) is to apply the color in the middle and smudge it with your fingertips. and for those that love bright colors, remember to wait for the product to dry before applying second coat or else it will get gooey.

Would I buy this again? For under $3? yes, I love how it last long.

UPDATE: On my recent trip to the dollar store for some arizona tea, I passed by the beauty section and.. ha! they have these lip stain! so I couldnt resist and bought 2 other colors, birthday suit and mysterious. Also found the $1 eyeshadow brush from E.L.F in their too. yay!

on the product I think it depends on the stain you get, I bought the same color from the website and in target and found that the consistency is different. The one from the website had a thicker consistency, while the one from target was a little watery in consistency. I dont know what's up with that.

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