Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYX Round Lipstick

NYX roundlipstick in 620:Paris, 595:Strawberry Milk, 522:Circe

I bought my first 4 NYX lipsticks at cherryculture: Circe, strawberrymilk, harmonica, and summerlove. Circe is probably my favorite among all four, while harmonica is the least. (not pictured: summerlove, harmonica)

What I like:
-> Very pigmented
-> Cheap
-> wide selection of shades
-> can be found at my local Ulta
-> it does not dry my lips

What I dont like:
-> Swatches online are very different from the actual product
-> It has a taste, almost soapy? cant really describe
-> It emphasize dry lines
-> It does not last all day

Overall I really like this product, the taste does not bother me since I've had the same issues with my Estee and VS lipsticks. 

Bad thing is that my local Ulta does not carry a lot of the colors, and of course being me... the shades I want are the shades Ulta does not carry. 


Soo said...

I think I have Harmonica too! although I've never really used it by itself. I like layering it under other lippies to change their colors. and omgyes at how terrible swatches online can be more often than not.

Paige said...

I havent tried layering harmonica but I have with strawberry milk. swatches on lips too are different sometimes, I remember how summerlove looked so pretty on someone and looked dead on me.

Soo said...

oh ya, that always sucks cause it's hard to judge lipsticks cause of our natural lip colors. but seeing it pretty on someone else just makes you want it to look like that on you!

CrystalLuvz said...

You should try the NYX black label lipsticks! They are more moisturizing then the round lipsticks! ^^

Great blog!

Paige said...

sorry i took so long to reply. I have one in antwerp, it felt/looked weird on me. maybe i'll try it again 

Paige said...

really? I'll check it out when I visit Ulta :D thanks for the info!

and thanks, yours is too!

NinMonster said...

I love NYX! Have you tried the lip creams? :D