Monday, May 23, 2011

Suprise Package

Package from Soo, look at all the goodies! I didnt expect her to send me so many stuff *.* 

She even put little sticky notes on the items. Dont want to sound creepy but it felt like she was thinking about me while putting the package together. <3

I'm feeling extremely happy right now. thank you!

*Soo if you're reading this, I'm using the ribbon right now, it really does help :D*


Soo said...

haha, that's not creepy at all! I was thinking of you lots when I finally put it together! :)

I gave one of the bows to my friend too and she was telling me how she uses it everyday, hehe. <3!

Paige said...

thats because it is really handy! I hated using bobby pins because they always dent my hair, but now... I have a ribbon in the middle of my head. its blue too! <3 If I didnt care what people think I'd be wearing it in public too. I could. 

Soo said...

I think previous versions of it was like a big square/rectangle of it with like no design (ugly!) and there were other colors. but the red/white and black/white ones seemed too contrasty. maybe pink/white would've been okay too