Monday, May 16, 2011

Quench Bath and Body (from around the world)

A month ago I was contacted by a representative from Quench bath and body from around the world to try out their new line that will launch summer of 2011, Looking at their website I found out that their products are paraben-free, and that all their products are 100% cruelty-free. 

They sent me samples of African black soap all over wash, Shea butter oil all over moisturizer (in the plastic tube), Saffron Herbal Body Wash, Saffron Herbal Body Lotion, Sandal Honey Body Wash, and Sandal Honey Body Butter

read my skin type at the bottom of this post

I tried the African black soap all over wash, and the Shea butter oil all over moisturizer first, (this is the ones that came in the plastic tube thingy).

African black soap all over wash
African black soap all over wash: Coconut oil, cocoa pod ashes, Shea Butter

This had the least amount of ingredients and so of course I thought these would be my favorite among all the wash, but immediately after my shower, my skin felt really tight, it wasnt dry but I felt really squeaky clean, not in the good way. && developed this itch. later in the day I also had red patches on my skin, mainly my legs which I think is a bad reaction of the wash and my usual shaving cream. I really have no idea if I just used too much product or something, but this did not work out right for me.

Shea butter oil all over moisturizer
Shea Butter oil all over moisturizer: Shea oil

Shea butter oil!! I applied this after using the African black soap wash, this took quite a while to apply evenly, it has a thick consistency which is expected, skin looked moisturized and felt smooth afterwards, but it still did not help with the itch. 

After the itch incident, I got kind of scared trying the other products, but but but the scent of the Saffron Herbal wash was just too alluring, I am a sucker for lovely scents. XD 

for the following products, I will not list the ingredients since they are quite long and this post is getting long already.

Saffron Herbal Body Wash:
I really liked this scent! A bit strong but quite natural and refreshing. I have no idea what saffron is supposed to do for your skin, but my skin felt normal afterwards. no drying, no itch, no reactions. 

There was enough product for 2 uses, so I do not know exactly if there is a long term effect of using this. (moisturizing, etc.)

Saffron Herbal Body Lotion:
Consistency is a but thinner than lotions I regulary use, it is scented, and it dries really fast. Skin felt moisturized and smooth afterwards.

so far so good!

Sandal Honey Body Wash:
This is also scented but not as strong as the Saffron, again skin felt normal afterwards. no drying, no itch, no reactions.

Sandal Honey Body Butter:

I am not a fan of body butters, but among all the products that I have received this is my favorite! the consistency is like a body butter but softer than what I am used to, the scent is light and lingered all day which is really refreshing. It absorbed fast into my skin, and made my skin feel really smooth and moisturized the whole day.

I enjoyed trying this line out, although it started a bit eehh it ended up with me discovering a new brand that I liked, and is cruelty-free. They still have not officially introduced the new products, but from the list I received they also have facial washes, moisturizers, and mask!! 

About my skin:
Body: I have really dry skin, and I strictly use body washes, and moisturizers.
I rarely have any reactions to products I use on my body, (body wash, shampoo, lotions, body butter) although I try to limit the use of moisturizers that are heavily scented because of a skin condition that I have. (that does not stop me from buying tons of bath and body works though, they smell reallllllyyy nice!!

Face: I have dry skin which is also sensitive. Cleansers are usually harsh on my skin, Moisturizers are not moisturizing enough. So I am picky with face products since I usually have reactions right away. I use an asian night mask frequently to help with moisture.

Every content is of my honest opinion.

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