Sunday, June 5, 2011

TCM Mask


I got these in listed under TCM mask, just checked the website and its all out of stock but from the past stock updates there are 4 types of this sleeping mask. Cubilose Pearl, Fomes Japonica Spore, Korea Ginseng, and Cordyceps Sinensis. TCM Mask also have regular mask/peel off mask: Remove Pox Mask, Volcano Ash White pack, Whiten Moisture Mask, Anti wrinkles mask. Which I have yet to try.

SASA does not have information about what each is for, and the only information in SASA is that this is a sleeping mask which you can just wash off in the morning or leave it on. Perfect for lazy people like me.

I tried looking online for more information but unfortunately this brand is hard to find, and the only place that sells this is SASA or those asian wholesale website. 

Cubilose Pearl is the first I tried, right away the scent is overwhelming, It reminded me of this chinese herb/dermatologist place me and my grandmother visited before. There is a lot of product in each pack, and since I dont need a lot to cover my face, a pack last me a week. The scent is VERY strong and VERY chinese herb-ish, at first the scent if seriously overwhelming but ehh I'm getting used to it. Since I have no idea what Cubilose Pearl is 'supposed' to do, I really cant say if this is working or not but since I have used this, I noticed that in the morning my skin is moisturized, supple, and that my skin texture has improved. 

Fomes Japonica Spore is the second mask I have tried, this is somewhat the same as cubilose pearl (moisturizing, and texture improvement) but this helps more with bringing impurities out. Every time of the month I get a nasty pimple that takes forever to surface/heal, but since I started using this I noticed the next day that the pimple is on the surface and as I kept using this the pimple has become smaller and have dried off. YAY~

I wish that this will come in a tube/tub since I'm not very fond of the packaging. I tried ordering more of the sleeping packs but for some reason SASA wont let me order more than 1 quantity. 

Buy again? Yes

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tifffany_keep_going said...

i brought this too!! (japonica spore) i am going too test it oit tonight and write a review on it ;)