Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Lancôme Primordiale cell defense serum

Photo taken online

I've been too lazy to take photos lately so forgive me >. <

Today's review will be about Lancôme Primordiale cell defense and skin perfecting serum. I've always been a skincare type of girl although I tend to return to my basics after a while. so I have had this for a while now but just recently decided to use it, I dont even remember where and when I got this product.

First thing I noticed right away with this product is the color, it looks peachy brown! I've always seen white/clear skincare products, so this was definitely new to me. Second is the scent it has a strong distinct smell, cant explain it but the scent is very strong and lingers for about 30 min. 

Since I cant find this in the Lancome website, I'll use Macy's description:
"FIGHT OXIDATION, FIGHT AGING! REVEAL VIRTUALLY LINELESS, RADIANTLY TOUCHABLE SKIN. Now, Lancôme blocks 99% of damaging free radicals* for visible skin perfection. Powerful antioxidants protect skin cells for visibly fewer lines, smaller pores, and renewed radiance. A unique complex accelerates cell turnover for more even skin tone and texture, revealing visibly perfected, flawless skin."

"visibly perfected, flawless skin" <--- ha! probably what got me interested in this in the first place. 

-> absorbs fast
-> skin looks visibly smoother and even right away
-> skin feels softer
-> skin looks brighter more vibrant
-> no allergic reactions
-> a little goes a long way
-> I cant stop staring at my skin after I use this

-> the scent!!
-> Price (around $46)
-> effect does not last all day :(((
-> discountinued? only online stores sell it now

It says "for optimal results, use daily AM and PM under your Lancome moisturizer" however I use this mainly at night (when I remember) and with my moisturizer so those would probably make the effect last longer, maybe? but still this works great for me, unfortunately I am broke now so I cant afford to buy this again. why must beauty products cost too much?


jessa marie said...

i think i wanna try this one but lancome is really pricey! need to save first...
btw, followed ur blog...i like it! hope u follow still a noob...

ChiChi81 said...

Yeah, you're right. Lancome skin care products, actually all their products, are a bit too dear >.<" And they're the types of products which my mom or her friends usually use because they can afford it haha But thanks for sharing this review with us :) It's really helpful.

Cheers,WiA Single Girl's Musings

Pammy D. said...

I have never tried any skin care products from Lancome because the price scares me. And as long as I can find cheaper alternatives that work, I'd settle for those instead. But I'm glad this works for you. :)

Paige said...

true about the prices, thats why whenever I do buy something from the department store I make sure there is a gwp promo. It just cost too much. 

Paige said...

:D I think I'm going to stick to cheaper alternatives. save money for food instead lol im hungry right now.

Paige said...

It is pricey (> . <) 

thanks :D looking at yours right now, minnie mouse!

Soo said...

holy crap, expensive! seems nice though :)
I like Lancome products said...

Great last question! I sometimes use Lancome mascra and make-up remover, but they are so expensive, that I can afford them just sometimes, but so great!
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Rindodo ♥ said...

wow it's so pricey~ $46 >.<