Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Etude House BB Magic Cream

My first BB cream is the Etude House BB Magic Cream (Moisture), I've had this for years now and there is still plenty left. (Only because I don't wear makeup everyday)

[I think they have a newer packaging version?]

Pea size is enough to cover my entire face

Compared to the other BB creams I have tried, this is so far the thickest in consistency, and has the most medical-ish/minty/I dont know how to explain scent.

What I Like:
-> Small amount is enough to cover entire face
-> Evens skintone
-> Brightens my skin
-> Skin looks dewy and healthy after
-> Hygienic pump
-> Light-Medium coverage

What I don't like:
-> Has a slightly minty floral scent
-> Shade match (it is dark on me during winter)
-> Depending on the amount of product used it can get cakey
-> does get oily throughout the day

With this BB cream, you do have to be careful on the amount of product you use since the more product you use the more cakey and heavier it would feel on.
 Everytime I use this, I can always feel and tell that I have makeup on. I'm feeling 50-50 about this product. Yay because it has the best coverage among all the bb creams I have tried, I can use it even when my skin is dry, and my face doesn't itch afterwards. Nay because I can always feel that I have this thick mask on my face.


Janet said...

nice does blends pretty even on your skin..^_^~

Soo said...

is having a minty floral scent typical for BB creams? how potent is the smell after putting it on? 

Rinny said...

That's too bad it feels so heavy on the skin because just from your swatch I can tell that it has really great coverage. At least one tube will last you a long time since you don't need to use much product ^^

Mish Rendon said...

nice review dear! anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet!

ClosetVoyage said...

This looks like it would have much better coverage than some other BB creams!

Sriartia said...

hello. I've accidentally just bought this etude magic bb cream (moisturizing one), while my skin is oily-sensitive type. is it a big problem? and, should I apply another moisturizing that has SPF, since this BB cream doesn't has any SPF?

Paige said...

I have a dry-sensitive skin, and this usually makes me look shiny after a couple of hours depending on the season. I wouldnt say it would be a big problem but you would probably want to have blotting papers with you just in case. 

&& I never realized that this did not have SPF. Either way, I always apply moisturizer that has SPF everytime I go out just to make sure. 

Let me know if you have any more questions with this

Sriartia said...

hm, actually, I don't use any face cream except BB cream, because it'll give some damage to my skin, but magically, not for BB. that's why, I wonder, is it fine just apply BB cream,since I couldn't use another additional cream? :(

Paige said...

sorry for replying so late. I guess it will be fine to just apply the BB cream without any additional cream, etc. , you can try a spot check first to make sure you wouldnt get any irritations with it.